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  3. Her heartbreaking cancer battle
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Imagine losing a loved one in a car accident, only to experience another vehicular-related misfortune years later. Sadly, this exact scenario happened to Beth when her step-daughter, Lyssa Chapman, was involved in a serious car crash in Honolulu, Hawaii. The accident occurred in September , only eight years after Duane lost his daughter, Barbara Katie Chapman, to a car accident in May Beth confirmed the bad news to TMZ , telling the outlet that Lyssa had "all our kids in the car.

A picture of the scene showed a deployed airbag and debris from the car scattered across the road, a frightening image considering small children were involved in the incident. Beth also shared a video to Facebook of emergency crews arriving on the scene, while commenting : "Lucky they are walking away. After Barbara Katie Chapman's tragic death in May , her young son went to live with his biological father, Travis Mimms.

But Duane and Beth intervened in the boy's life after hearing an October audio recording of Mimms allegedly physically abusing the then 9-year-old. In the recording made by a neighbor, Duane and Beth's grandson is told to "bend over," a request that was allegedly followed up with "13 slaps" and a cry of "no more! Beth and Duane, however, saw the situation differently. Following a tense custody battle , the couple was awarded temporary custody of the child.

Savages frontwoman Jehnny Beth on her scene-stealing new film role

Although Beth isn't the biological grandmother of Barbara's son, we imagine this tough situation pulled on her heartstrings. Before Beth found love with Duane, she was married to a man named Keith A. The exes share a daughter together named Cecily, who was born in June , two years after their wedding. Although Beth hasn't said much about Barmore throughout the years, she might have revealed a troubling allegation about his life via Twitter in August While Beth didn't mention Barmore specifically, there is no other "first husband" that we know of.

Making matters even more compelling? It just about broke my heart when I heard Beth was dating him. When I heard they got married, I got physically sick. If Duane's claims are true, it sounds like Beth got out of a bad situation when she left Barmore. Losing a parent is never easy, especially if you're incredibly close to them.

Smith's death occurred only two months before Beth and Duane's May wedding in Hawaii, so the dad didn't have the opportunity to walk his daughter down the aisle.

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As for how close the two were? In Smith's later years, he worked as a bail bondsman alongside Duane and Beth, sometimes making appearances on Dog the Bounty Hunter. Talk about a sweet gesture. It's clear Beth really loved her late dad.

Please Mr Jailer

For his part, husband Duane Chapman took to Twitter to confirm the devastating news with the couple's adoring fans while sharing a heartfelt tribute to his beloved wife. We all love you, Beth. See you on the other side. However, a rep for the Chapman family told People that at the time of her death, "She was surrounded by family and Dog was there, holding her hand. Yes, it does look bad. And yes, perhaps it is a glimpse at the beginning of the end for Randall and Beth.

But also, marriage is hard and every relationship has its ups and downs. Weighing all the evidence together, the whole thing feels more like a red herring for people to fret about for awhile. Then again, This Is Us does love its twists. Happy theorizing! Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile.

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Susan Kelechi Watson and Sterling K. Brown on This Is Us. Future Randall still wears his wedding ring! Photo: NBC. It's someone who you think will want to take the hill.

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In most of the places I've been, you needed to do things outside the box. I've been drawn to places where you need to be more creative and entrepreneurial and I think that people who like that kind of work tend to be drawn to those institutions and stay a long time. I also look for people who are honest and supportive of their colleagues. I have found that you can meet a lot of talented people along the way, but not all of them are team players. You could have an extraordinarily talented person who could actually advance your organization in important ways if they play as part of the team.

But, if they don't, they can affect the whole team in a negative way. At this moment in time I have the best aligned team that I have ever had because everyone is rowing in the same direction. I think it's pretty stunning and until you see that you don't realize the difference between a group of talented people who are all doing their own thing versus a group of talented people who are all in it together and working as a unit. How do you get them rowing in the right direction? And what do you do when they are not? I think sometimes it's just as simple as having people understand what the big picture is and where everyone fits in.

Her heartbreaking cancer battle

And so there is lots of communication about where we are going and what each functional area's role is in our collective success. Also, it's important to recognize the people who are at the back of the house when the frontline fundraisers are getting the recognition. I think that acknowledging the unsung heroes is motivating to everyone and makes a real difference.

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Sometimes, no matter what you do, you may not be able to get certain people to row in the same direction. And you may have to make changes. I have a lot of patience and a really long fuse, but I am also pragmatic. I realize that if you can't change behavior after a certain point in time, it's better for the team to make changes in order to make the unit work.

Beth Nielsen Chapman - Wikipedia

How do you keep your team motivated during tough times and, also, how do you keep them from resting on their laurels during the good times? I've been surprised at how great the team has been about sticking together and staying positive during more challenging times. One of the things we do is have down time where people are together socially.

We have at least two staff gatherings a year in addition to monthly staff meetings. Part of what we do is business where we talk about our goals and reflect on what we can do better. And part of it is social and fun and that is really time well spent. I have to say that the members of our group really like each other. I have heard from a couple of people we hired recently that they can't believe how welcome they feel by the group compared to places they have been. I also think recognition counts for a lot, even when the bottom line doesn't reflect the results of the effort.

It is important to acknowledge that the effort was made.

Beth Hart - Love Is A Lie (Official Music Video)

We have an "Impact Award" that we give once a quarter to an outstanding team member or a group of team members who go above and beyond. It's actually hard to choose people because we have so many hardworking team members. Because we move so fast, it's essential to our success to pause and celebrate the efforts of the team. So we've built that into our business model. In terms of resting on our laurels, I actually feel that it is not really a problem because after we hit a goal, we are asked to achieve an even higher goal.

The larger challenge for us is deliberately pausing to celebrate something we have done before we move onto the next big goal. We don't always do that well, but we have gotten better at it. We just had our best fundraising year ever. We hit a million dollar campaign goal and we have had lots of firsts in the last year and we are finally getting to our staff celebration, which is probably three months later then it should have been. But we are doing it.

With all the cost pressures on medicine, the need for philanthropy is bigger than ever before. Reimbursements are shrinking on the clinical side and NIH funding for research is decreasing. Every time I turn around someone says "Oh, well, we'll just have more philanthropy to take care of that. We need staff who can deal with change and churning and a really fast pace. It is really challenging to find the right people even as we are given the opportunity to expand our teams.

It's increasingly difficult to find man power and women power to do the work we need to do and reach the increasingly ambitious goals that we have to reach if we are going to maintain the level of quality that academic medical institutions are known for. There is a lot at stake; there really is. I have been able to grow my team from three people, when I got there, to a staff of