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Radio waves, external magnetic field are applying to excite the protons present in the body or body fluid. These protons relax after excitation process which offers magnetic movement and this proton excitation and relaxation data is transformed into cross-sectional pictures of human tissue by a computerized scheme.

Song Li - Engineering Stem Cells

Paramagnetic gadolinium-based materials are used super-paramagnetic iron oxide particles which coated with dextran for this principle. Magnetic nanoparticles also used for the detection of growth of the local tumor by the administration in the body.

Such magnetic nanoparticles collect in lymph nodes. Magnetic resonance tomography MRT recognition of nanoparticles makes it possible to visualize abnormalities in the lymph node structure caused by a growing tumor [8]. Apply a steady field of about 1 tesla which causes a very small fraction of protons to line up in a parallel direction to the field as per their energy is shown in fig. And due to this positioning of hydrogen nuclei, made them to absorb and then radiate energy at the larmor precession frequency of the hydrogen nuclei present in water. To quantify the signal created as a result of this alignment, apply a transverse radio frequency magnetic field with the assist of Radiofrequency coils RF coil.

When second field produce by Radiofrequency coils is switched off, the amplitudes of the magnetic moments relax back to their original values. This relaxation of the response is calculated by pick-up coils. The intensity emitted radiation by the body is recorded and transformed by the magnetic resonance imaging scanner which delivers an image of the body portion on its monitor. Thus if an area is tagged by magnetic particles, the less relaxation time as compared to the untagged area; and thus these particle acts as a contrast agent.

Hyperthermia is a promising approach for Cancer therapy in which localized enhance in temperature upto The elementary idea is that magnetic material can be heated by uneven magnetic field. The mechanisms of generation of heat by ferromagnetic materials comprise hysteresis losses. In the case of super paramagnetic particles e.


Hyperthermia induces cellular apoptosis, cell cycle detain and improves the effects of radiotherapy, chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer; as diverse mechanism explained in fig. This method is non-toxic, biocompatible, enhance bioavailability, accumulation nanoparticles at the diseased site, can cross blood-brain barrier. The killing of tumor cells principle as shown in the following fig. Magnetic cationic liposomes directly injected intravenously, in tumor tissue. Which used for magnetic resonance imaging recognition of cancer and induce hyperthermia.

It has been documented that an interactive therapy shows synergistic effect, additive effect or antagonistic effect and theranostics [20]. Magnetic nanoparticles coated with polyethene glycol which avoid the identification or capture by reticuloendothelial system, due to opsonin absorbance onto magnetic nanoparticles and phagocytosis carried out by macrophagic cells [].

Antibody targeting of tumour-associated antigens or cell surface protein like tumor necrosis factor receptor enhances the selectivity or targeting effect in cancer tissues like renal cell carcinoma [23]. Bacteria which synthesize magnetosomes were also useful in the battle against parasitic infections under shifting magnetic field. These magneto-aerotactic bacteria contain magnetite Fe 3 O 4 or greigite Fe 3 S 4 nanocrystals that are enveloped by biomembranes. Biosynthesis of these nanocrystals is genetically controlled and is enzyme-catalyzed process.

Magnetosomes arrange in a chain or chains, conferring to bacteria a magnetic dipolar moment that allows them to give magnetotaxis movement. Cancer cells consume huge amounts of oxygen and parts of a tumour will become ravenous for oxygen which creates the hypoxic situation. It is dreadfully difficult to deliver anti-tumour drugs to hypoxic regions using conventional drug delivery system, therefore, magneto-aerotactic bacteria or magnetosomes can be utilized to transmit drug-loaded nano-liposomes into the hypoxic area of a tumour which amplify therapeutic index of diverse nano-carriers in targeted regions [24].

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Nanorobots are characteristically devices with size from 0. Researchers from Polytechnique Montreal, University de Montreal and McGill University have constructed novel nanorobotic agents having the capacity for navigation through the bloodstream to administer a drug with precision for targeting the active cancerous cells with less toxicity []. Magnetic micro particles and nanoparticles utilized in a multiplicity of tissues to influence cell seeding, cell growth and mechano-transduction for regenerative medicine strategies.

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A magnetic nanoparticle-labeled cells enables manipulation and organization of cell functions by applying an external magnetic field [27]. In vitro fabrication of scaffold-free tissue-engineered constructs with programmed cellular alignment, additionally magnetic cell levitation with thermo-responsive nanofabricated substratum TNFS based cell sheet engineering technique [28]. The temperature-mediated alteration in surface wettability of the thermo-responsive poly N-isopropylacrylamide , substratum enables the spontaneous disconnection of the cell monolayer, which can easily remove by use of ring or disk-shaped magnet; As discussed in fig.

Creating nano-sized features on the exterior to hip or knee prosthesis can lessen the peril of rejection and also stimulate the synthesis of osteoblasts which accountable for bone matrix growth. Cells labeled with magnetite nanoparticles were cultivated into 96 well plate or well ultralow-attachment culture plates which have positioned magnet underneath each plate. The cells in wells are accumulated on the culture surface and produced multilayered cell sheets. The artificial tissue constructs shapes can be controlled by external magnetic force like cellular string-like assemblies were created by use of the linear magnetic field.

Similarly, when a silicone plug was situated at the midpoint of the well for the duration of the fabrication of a cell sheet, the cell sheet shrank significantly and shaped a ring-like assembly. Magnetically activated gels are also called as ferrogels which are chemically cross-linked polymer network to the presence of a magnetic field which is nothing but the colloidal dispersion of mono-domain magnetic nanoparticles. Electric and magnetic field-induced shape and movement were obtained in a polymer gel with a complex fluid as the swelling agent.

They can bend, elongate, deform, curve contract and their response is independent of particle size. Magnetic particles were incorporated into poly N-isopropylacrylamide and poly vinyl alcohol gel beads. The beads aligned as a chainlike structure inconsistent magnetic field lines, and they aggregated in a non-uniform field due to magnetophoretic force. These magnetic gels give quick and controllable changes in shape, which can be exploited in applications mimicking muscular contraction [30].

The use of polymer gels as actuators creates a quick and reliable control system, and the use of electric or magnetic stimuli facilitates the development of these control systems. Poly vinyl alcohol PVA gel, with magnetic nanoparticles, contracted in a nonuniform magnetic field [31], which is smaller than the field strength observed on the exterior of common permanent magnets.

By coordinating and controlling the magnetic field, muscle-like motion can be obtained, leading to the development of artificial muscles [32]. Magnetic nanoparticles have been utilized to collect more complicated tissue constructs than those that are structured by conventional scaffold-based tissue engineering strategies. Cell functions are predominantly structured by growth, bioactive factors that attach to varied membrane receptors.

Controlled mechano-transduction pathway in the cells is an influential approach to transform cellular behaviour. Ceramic crystals are used to achieve uniform dispersion of magnetic particle, surfactant and the specific drug was loaded as discussed in fig. The drug-loaded scaffold was positioned at the defective site in the occurrence of a magnetic field, which facilitated effortless drug release from the scaffold, serving to defend it from bacterial colonization, and the magnetic field stimulated cell proliferation of scaffold. Engineered biomaterials collective with growth factors, like bone morphogenetic protein-2, which can act as a scaffold and drug delivery system to which promote bone repair and regeneration.

Iron Fe is a vital element in the human body, its concentration within the hard tissue is low, and its presence into the body scarcely affects bone remodeling with good biocompatibility.

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Magnetic nanoparticles containing iron oxide deliver a lofty concentration of a drug straighty at the clot site for dissolution of a blood clot. These Nanoparticles are coated with albumin, which decreases phagocytic engulfment by phygocytic cell. These magnetic nanoparticles can observe under magnetic resonance imaging and can induce a high-frequency vibration by heating them which enhance clot dissolution rate [34]. Stem cells immensely studied for their capability to replicate, undifferentiated daughter cells that can be physiologically induced to mature under specific conditions.

Characterized by pluripotency, capacity to differentiate into a plethora of specialized cells and confer therapeutic benefits that have catalyzed the meadow of regenerative medicine []. Their application for treatment of retinal degenerations, spinal cord injuries and brain traumas []. Magnetically responsive nanoparticles are biocompatible and employ for targeted delivery of stem cells for improvement in their retention in targeted site.

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Application of non-invasive cell tracking approaches is essential to establish tissue distribution at the injection site and which provide information about stem cells mechanisms of tissue repair. Surface charges can be engineered using antibodies, peptides, and aptamers. Coatings of nanoparticles can hasten the rate of internalization by passive diffusion, endocytosis, phagocytosis, macropinocytosis methods.

The cell labeling policy employs a throng of imaging modalities like magnetic resonance imaging, single photon emission computed tomography, fluorescence imaging, bioluminescence imaging, positron emission tomography to detect the signal along with efficient release of stem cells at the target location [44], is a synthetic cationic polymer commonly used to improve cell adhesion to the surface of culture dishes.

Use of Poly-l-lysine PLL has not been approved in humans and studies have shown that complexes formed by ferumoxides and Poly-l-lysine-modified iron oxide nanoparticles can be large. Such complexes do not become included into endosomes, remain attached to the cell membrane []. These formed complexes can influence cell proliferation and differentiation. In this work it has been shown that a stress protein Hsp60 bound to exosomes vesicles secreted by tumor cells is present in very high levels in patients who undergo surgery while its levels are reduced drastically one week after the surgery.

These results make exosomal Hsp60 a putative tool for the diagnosis and the follow-up of this cancer. The paper can be read on-line: here. At the Euro-Mediterranean Institute of Science and Technology has been established an international research center devoted to the study of the chaperonopathies of the nervous system. The Chaperoning System participates extensively in the development, functioning, protection, and repair of the nervous system from conception to old age.

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