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Want to take a trip to Gili islands, but unsure of how to get there and what to do? Ever dreamed of spending a night on an overwater bungalow and be greeted by the scenic ocean view every day? Bali Budget Guide Budget Stay. Sponsored by Pelan Pelan Bali. The holistic haven is a go-slow yoga retreat that is suitable for individuals of all levels.

Booking a retreat at Pelan Pelan Bali means you sign up for a programme of minimum 7 nights, with healthy food, an active lifestyle and the healing energy of yoga and meditation sessions. Days here typically start with surfing and end with yoga but you get to choose between various packages, which include mind and body fulfilment with rejuvenating outdoor body massages. We recommend kicking off bright and early to choose from their four breakfast options with fruits and vegetables freshly brought from the local market as early as 4 am.

For lunch, you get to indulge in delicious Indonesian cuisine. Since the focus is on wellness, diet options are catered for too. The property also offers plenty of peaceful spaces to relax and master your lotus position or settle for a tranquil meditation moment. Suweta No. Raya Uma Buluh No. Subak Sari No. Hanoman No.

Retreat West Books – Damien Seaman

Prana Dewi Mountain Resort Different retreats are offered every year, so please check with the resort for specific rates. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly.

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Thank you! Tell us. Travel Writer. Pia Vuolteenaho. Pia first landed in Indonesia in and has been going back ever since. Pia blogs about the off-the-beaten-path wonders of Bali and Indonesia at coffeeandfrangipani. Follow us to discover Indonesia.

Most Popular. Best of Bali: 77 Extraordinary things to do that will make you more of an expert than your tour guide What's on your bucket list? Secrets of Jogja: 43 Extraordinary things to do on your next trip to Indonesia Besides art and culture, Yogyakarta is also known for its beautiful beaches of the south seas and a collection of amazing natural landscapes rarely found elsewhere. Really so pitiful.

To spoil our health, our health is not much, time will spoil it anyway. But to lose this precious life that we have now, this precious opportunity to practice Dharma, it has no comparison. If you think of all the fortunate, powerful, or rich people in the world, no one can be compared to myself, because I have this wonderful situation in my life, that has much more value than any other.

And if we we remember this we really can feel very happy and fortunate, and we need this to succeed to do the practice.

Then, as I said, the main thing is if we can meditate on bodhichitta, we can try to apply whatever understanding we have of what bodhichitta means. Just to meditate on this and to put the mind on it, when we do Lam Rim meditations and we see our teacher in the aspect of Buddha Shakyamuni, and maybe in another aspect, generally is Buddha Shakyamuni in front of us, and then we visualize all sentient beings around us.

Refuge means that I look at the Buddha, the aim or the state that I want to achieve, and also the state of Buddha appears as my teacher, my guide, my protection. And all sentient beings is the motivation, as the reason why I want to achieve this thing, enlightenment. It is to help all others. So we can, from the very beginning of the retreat until the end, just keep this mind always. The Buddha is in front, and all sentient beings around you. And this mind is the mind of bodhichitta.

While You're Away Part II: When I Retreat

Bodhichitta means, it has two aims: in order to benefit all sentient beings, they come in the visualization of sentient beings around you, you want to achieve enlightenment; and there is the Buddha that you visualize in front. So this is the mind of bodhichitta. And if we can do it, we are able to do or we can understand, try to do this visualization.

And we can think, imagine this. Just imagine. We can do easily. And the practice I am doing is for the happiness of all sentient beings and to alleviate all suffering of all sentient beings. We can do this. If we can, if we train our mind, if we get used to this, that will make our mind to be bodhichitta all the time.

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All the time. During the sessions of course, we do the visualization and we do the meditation, always visualizing that there is light coming and purifying us and all sentient beings. And outside, out of the meditations, whatever we do — when we eat we offer the food to the Three Jewels and all sentient beings. And this has incredible benefit.

It is the best protection, and it is easy to do, and is very powerful. And it comes during the whole practice. It can be very elaborate, when we visualize many, aside from Buddha Shakyamuni there are different images, and the sentient beings we can visualize with a lot of detail.

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This we can do, we are able to do this. We have enough intelligence to understand this, and we know all the benefits. We can use our mind to do this, to imagine this, to try to do this visualization. Another point: normally bodhichitta has two aspects. The ultimate bodhichitta which is the ultimate reality of all things, and conventional bodhichitta is the wish to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all.


So try to remember always these two aspects. Always remembering conventional bodhichitta is this attitude motivating our compassion, and with our compassion the wish to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all. And with this motivation, we try to go deep, to the end of reality, to understand the ultimate reality of all things, and try to meditate on emptiness, each one according to our understanding.


Whatever we understand and the teachings we have received and the analysis we have done — whatever feeling we have or understanding of emptiness, just always keep this. This we should remember always in the beginning of the practice, during the whole practice, and at the end of the practice in the dedication, dedicating the merits, being aware that everything is empty.

Everything is just an illusion. And then the meditation on emptiness, each one has his own understanding, we all had teachings.

Where Glaciers Melt Away, Switzerland Sees Opportunity

So we can do the meditation in many different ways, but we can condense it to… like space and like an illusion. So meditation on emptiness like space is we just analyze what is the reality of things, we try to go deeply into the reality of things, and then we see that everything that appears like this concrete reality that we grasp so strongly — this feeling that we have, we see every person, everything that we perceive as something real, something independent, something with entity from its own side.

So when we analyze and we try to find which is the entity of things, the more we look, the more we analyze, the more it dissolves. And when we think about the I, the self, and we go around the aggregates — the body, the mind, feelings etc. So when we do this analysis, the more we go deeply, the more it disappears. And in the end there is nothing, there is just clean and clear space, nothing to find. So when we do this meditation we just stay there.

So to stay there is like space, meditating on emptiness like space. And after this meditation then again we perceive things as if they are so real, but if we try to keep and remember this meditation like space, then everything is like space but still things are happening. It is like a dream. And all these things are just an illusion.

So to try to remember this understanding of emptiness, that the reality when we look for it, it will disappear — it dissolves — but still because there are some conditions, like when we are sleeping, the mind is in a state of sleep and is kind of dark and then because there are some impressions in the mind, some imprints, then there are different appearances. And when we are dreaming, we are unaware that we are dreaming.