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  1. Worcester Police Investigating Unattended Death of Woman at Salvation Army
  2. 5 women who changed The Salvation Army
  3. The equality paradox - Caring Magazine

Instead of the Salvos maybe smaller ones, food banks, charities.

Worcester Police Investigating Unattended Death of Woman at Salvation Army

Do not defend someone who treats them like that, they are complete idiots, idiots for everything. Good day. That sounds awful. Question - does the salary reflect the fact that accommodation comes with the job? Some jobs in the UK come with a 'tied' property but usually the salary is low and they have to either furnish the property themself or put up with what they get.

Definitely out of order that they can get things changed purely because they dislike them. I think, as far as the staff go, you will get good and bad wherever you go. It used to be that stuff you donated to them was sold cheap in their stores to those in need. Now it's sold for a lot more because buying second hand became fashionable.

52 - “Woman in the Wilderness - Salvation in Symbols & Signs”

I donate my useful stuff to the charity I volunteer for, that give everything we get away for free to those in need. Nothing is ever sold. We have one paid staff member they work days a week rescuing food and around 60 volunteers. Stock is given out through other agencies who ensure those receiving it are in genuine need. The Salvation Army is one of the organisations we give to, but we only give them rescued food for their food banks, not furniture, clothes, etc.

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5 women who changed The Salvation Army

Many churches provide a residence for the pastor. It's called a Parsonage.

Please do some research before slamming an organization that helps people. So TheDayOwl got the free rent etc. Had some furniture my boys had outgrown still in very good condition.

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  • GoLocalWorcester | Worcester Police Investigating Unattended Death of Woman at Salvation Army.
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I called the S A to donate it thinking it would be given to a needy family. Two scruffy men in a S A truck arrive and refuse to accept it because it was only pine timber and quote " we don't get a good price for pine furniture". Had the same experience with a wardrobe I was trying to donate.

The equality paradox - Caring Magazine

Had the same thing happened to me. When I had to empty the appartement after the death of my uncle they refused everything from beds to washing machine. They said they were not modern enough. All the electrical equipment fonctionne, the living-room furniture was in perfect shape, the deux antique buffets had been also refuse even though they were in prime condition. Beggers are not choosers. This was free of charge and everything went towards safe house for women and children.


Since I will not donat anything to them. Strange way of being a Christians. As in every institution there will be people working for the Salvation Army who really shouldn't be allowed to even enter the premisses. And they should be fired or re-educated. Denying that this problem exists doesn't serve the Salvation Army. I'm sure that the Salvation Army has people who really want to help people in need and I'm sure it's the majority of their employees. So why not investigate the accusations and take appropriate action? Throwing the woman out makes the Salvation Army look suspicious and untrustworthy.

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